Helping Drivers Practice for Road Tests 

We Can Help You Pass Road Tests 

You want the freedom and convenience that comes with a driver’s license. But first, you must prove you can drive to an official whose job is to pass or fail prospective drivers. How do you ensure you’re ready for the road? By scheduling a driving lesson with Statewide Drive. Call (301) 702-2020 or text us at 240-528-7405.

Our driving school teaches you the practical rules of the road by putting you behind the wheel of one of our state-of-the-art cars. Learning to drive is easier when you have a good car for practice and a great instructor for training. Ask one of our drivers, who are licensed and certified by the Motor Vehicle Administration of the Maryland Department of Transportation, to help you learn how to drive.

Moral Support for Your Test

Rest assured that you don’t have to go alone to your driver’s test. Your instructor will go with you. Our fee is $125. You can pay the fee on the day of your appointment. For the price, you get an instructor by your side, use of one of our cars, and transportation to and from the Motor Vehicle Administration office.

Before you take the road test, your instructor will review key points with you, especially 2-point turn parking, which is a part of the official test. Be sure to bring your proof of insurance and your copy of the New Driver and Coach Practice Guide.

Rookie Driving Instruction - Camp Springs, MD

MANUEVER 1: Reverse 2-Point Turnabout

  • You will have three (3) minutes to complete this manuever.
  • You will be asked to drive past an area that represents a driveway or alley.
  • You will then back up to the right into the designated area until the front end of your vehicle clears the front set of cones.
  • You will then be asked to exit to the right.


  • If you score 20 or more points during the road test
  • If you don't use your seat belt
  • If you receive a traffic citation for a moving violation, disobey signs or signals, roll through stop signs, or ignore traffic laws
  • If you don't yield to pedestrians or other roadway users
  • If you are involved in an avoidable crash or if your vehicle has physical contact with other vehicles, objects, or pedestrians
  • If you commit an unsafe act or if another driver is forced to take evasive actions in order to prevent a crash
  • If the examiner has to take control of the vehicle
  • If you fail to wear your glasses


Contact us today to sign up for driving school. We proudly serve customers in Camp Springs, Maryland, and the surrounding area.