Helping Drivers Practice for Road Tests 

Learn how to effectively operate a motor vehicle with one of our road tests in Camp Springs, MD. At Statewide Drive, we employ only the most experienced instructors to ensure our students receive the most effective driving instruction. With decades of combined experience, we’re equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you come away with a firm understanding of safe driving techniques. We’re committed to promoting the highest degree of safety and help our students maintain constant focus on the road while they’re behind the wheel.

Every new driver looks forward to the day when they receive their license. It brings newfound feelings of freedom and responsibility. Driving is a privilege, so learning the best ways to stay safe while on the road is essential. That’s why we offer a learning to drive course that will help you hit the open road ready in no time. Our straightforward approach allows every student to practice what you’ll learn in a safe environment. Rest assured, you’ll be allowed to get behind the wheel and demonstrate your newfound knowledge.

Offering New Driver Equipment

We proudly offer magnetic signs and parking practice equipment that help reinforce the right habits and practices our new drivers have learned. Our magnetic signs can be positioned on a vehicle and taken off quickly, making other drivers aware that a new driver is behind the wheel. In addition, our parking practice cones are perfect for practicing pull-in parking, angle parking, parallel parking, and three-point turns.

You’ll find that using these cones should prove to be no problem at all, as they’re the same size as what you can expect during your license test. These cones are also great for practice drills that can make you more comfortable performing various driving maneuvers that will be on your upcoming road test. Practicing with cones makes a world of difference in your ability to drive safely. Let us help you practice driving, parking, and much more so that when it’s time to get your license, you’ll be ready to take to the road with confidence.